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Alabama State Outline

Earmark Requests FY23

I have requested the following Appropriations earmarks:

1. Northeast Alabama Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Training Program
Jacksonville State University, as a leader in supporting communities throughout the Northeast Alabama region seeks to establish an onsite and mobile Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) facility and related services to address a significant gap in services to persons who have experienced a sexual assault. Services will focus on persons residing in or near Calhoun, Cherokee, Cleburne, Etowah, Randolph, and Talladega Counties. Collaborative partnerships among leading organizations in the region working with JSU are committed to providing a network of compassionate care to sexual assault survivors.

2. Highway 109 repairs
Four lane Highway 109 (Bynum-Leatherwood Road) from US Highway 431 to Alabama 202—6.4 miles. The project will improve transportation to the four largest industries in Calhoun and Talladega Counties---Anniston Army Depot, Kronospan, Bridgewater, and Honda and will provide them a four-lane highway connection to Huntsville, the fastest growing city in Alabama. Those four industries makeup over seventy percent of the employment base Calhoun and Talladega counties.

3. Anniston Army Depot DLA Warehouse
Construct a new General Purpose Warehouse at the Anniston Army Depot.

4. Anniston Airport Firefighter Training Facility
Establishing a training center for Airport firefighting at the Anniston Regional Airport would leverage existing training programs and institutions by providing additional training resources that would be unique to the state and region. Additionally, it would provide cost savings for regional firefighting training and create an indirect economic impact for the local hospitality industry. As a result of the economic impacts and expansion of Calhoun County as a military and civilian training hub, the Calhoun County EDC endorses and supports AFD’s proposal.

5. Lanett Airport Entrance Road
Construction of a new airport access road for Lanett Regional Airport.

6. Clay County Hospital Repairs
Funding will provide much needed repairs to the Clay County Hospital Authority’s roof.

7. Main Street Alabama Entrepreneurial Support
This project will provide Entrepreneurial Support for emerging small businesses in 35 Main Street Alabama (MSA) districts. The entrepreneurial support will include: 1) business planning and financing advice, 2) online business operations training; 3) regional cohort business development training in partnership with SBA & SBDC; 4) marketing strategies; 5) business branding; and 6) business startup marketing support grant.

8. Regional Public Safety Mobile Command Vehicle
This vehicle would serve as a mobile command platform for communications, meeting space and remote video needs during large events, critical incidents, disasters and training for Auburn Public Safety and regional public safety entities. The vehicle would improve disaster response readiness and allow Auburn Public Safety to host training for regional first responders.

9. Joint Auburn/Opelika Project to install LED traffic signage on I-85
Installation of programmable LED signs and traffic monitoring cameras I-85 through East Alabama, which currently lacks any traffic monitoring equipment. This would be a joint project with ALDOT and the City of Opelika to benefit regional residents and all I-85 travelers by allowing better communication to travelers on interstate conditions and better response times by public safety.

10. High-Energy Density and High-Power Density Li-Ion Battery Magazines in Defense Applications
This proposed project is designed to prepare mid-form cells in LCO and NMC chemistries, and then to utilize the IntraMicron pilot line to fabricate 50V modules and 1,000V battery magazines for testing, evaluation, and qualification by the NSWC at Philadelphia and Crane. Auburn will provide dynamic thermal modeling and spearhead efforts on vent gas neutralization/containment and light-weighting materials initiatives. The collective effort should result in the creation of the next stage HEBM for defense applications. The Navy is well aware of the promising advancements using mid-form LFP cells and strongly supports this proposed project.

11. Model Regional Operations Center to Enhance the Cyber Security of the US Electricity Sector Southeast Regional DOE Cyber Command Center
Auburn’s McCrary Institute for Cyber and Critical Infrastructure Security, in collaboration with the Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL), proposes the establishment of a regional operations center (Southeast Pilot) to enhance the cyber security of the U.S. electricity sector. This center – including stakeholders from the electricity sector and industry more broadly, as well as government and academia – would not only facilitate information sharing but would generate innovative and operational solutions to mitigating risks. If successful, the regional pilot could be emulated nationwide while adjusting for geographically specific needs. Auburn and ORNL would also develop a pipeline for cyber security internships and fellowships to provide technical cyber security training to students and critical infrastructure cyber security professionals to help address challenges in cyber security training and resources across the country. In addition to shared strengths in cyber and critical infrastructure security, Auburn and ORNL maintain robust working relationships with key partners such as the Tennessee Valley Authority, Berkshire Hathaway Energy, Southern Company, the Electricity Sector Information Sharing and Analysis Center, and MITRE.

12. Coley Water Wastewater Treatment Plant
The new force main that will be installed from the Coley Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant would provide public sanitary sewer service to approximately four miles of Hwy 280 from Patriots Point to the Tallapoosa River. In addition, this force main would make public sewer available to numerous existing and proposed residential and commercial developments along Lake Martin. By making public sewer service available in these areas would have the potential to avoid a substantial number of septic systems around Lake Martin. As the demand for lake front property continues to increase around Lake Martin the environmental concerns related to the threat numerous private septic systems serving these developments will have to Lake Martin is significant. Therefore, the availability of city sewer makes these areas much more attractive to developers as well as removing hundreds of potential septic systems from the shores of Lake Martin Treasured Lake a “Treasured Alabama Lake”.

13. East Alabama Rural Innovation and Training Hub
Funding research and site evaluation for the East Alabama Rural Innovation and Training Hub. The East Alabama Rural innovation and Training Hub is an economic development solution that includes and incubation and innovation of rural ideas while focusing on knowledge-based skills and education, technology growth, and entrepreneurship.

14. AIDB Walkway
The project consists of two principal components: (1) narrowing a portion of W Battle Street from 4 lanes (two eastbound and two westbound) down to 2 lanes (one eastbound and one westbound), and redirecting truck thru traffic to Alabama Highway 275 (a by-pass route); and (2) constructing an ADA-compliant pedestrian walkway from the Gentry Campus of the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind (“AIDB”) in the west and the Talladega County Court House Square in the east that will enable the students with disabilities at AIDB to safely move from campus to the downtown area.

15. Chilton County Airport Extension
Extension of the runway from its existing length of 4,008 feet to an ultimate length of 5,000 feet.

FY22 Appropriations earmarks can be found here.
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