Report from Washington: Recognizing American Heroes Week

Jul 27, 2017

(WASHINGTON, D.C.)—As many of you may have seen on the news, President Trump recognized the last week in July as American Heroes Week.

The week was dedicated to celebrating our American Heroes and the roles they play in our daily lives.

From our military to our local law enforcement to our first responders and the American worker, these folks were recognized for what they do each day.

It goes without saying that the brave men and women who have served or currently serve our country in uniform are heroes. Those currently serving deserve the best equipment we can provide them and those who have served deserve the best care.

Recently, the House of Representatives passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that increased defense funding by $21 billion to address taking care of our military while securing the safety of our homeland.

Every day as our local law enforcement puts on their uniform, they know they are risking their lives to keep our communities safe and we can never thank them enough. I appreciate the respect and attention President Trump has shown our law enforcement since taking office.

We have to also recognize our first responders. They save lives every day. Just since January, Alabama’s Third Congressional District has received over $2 million in funding to help our local volunteer fire departments and first responders purchase new fire trucks and operation and safety equipment. In our communities and towns, the first responders are our first line of defense in keeping us safe.

We also cannot forget the American worker as we list our American Heroes. President Trump’s “Hire American, Buy American” plan is putting hard working Americans back in good-paying jobs and is bringing a sense of pride back to the American worker.

This week and every week, let’s take a minute to thank our American Heroes.