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Rogers: Open Borders Lead to Sanctuary States and Crime

Congressman Mike Rogers made the following statement today as the debate over how to handle the illegal immigration crisis continues to grow.
“This is a national security issue and the only way to fix the immigration crisis is by building the border wall and then moving toward a merit-based immigration policy as President Trump has strongly advocated.  I stand with President Trump on this issue.
“To me, it’s ironic that instead of helping be a part of the solution, the Democrats in Congress continue to stand idly by and pitch fits for solely political purposes.  They’re calling for open borders and failing America by not doing the job for which they were elected.  When it comes to the immigration crisis, former President Obama is responsible for this great American deceit.  A country with open borders is a dangerous one.  It leads to sanctuary cities, an immediate increase in crime and ultimately the loss of our national sovereignty,” Rogers said.
Rogers is a senior member of the House Homeland Security Committee.
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