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Rogers to Obama: Taking Equipment from Law Enforcement Weakens Our Security

Congressman Mike Rogers sent a letter to President Obama today after learning the Calhoun County Sheriff’s office will lose their two armored vehicles known as M113s.

Under Obama’s Executive Order, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) must reclaim some surplus military equipment provided under the 1033 program to law enforcement, including the armored vehicles in Calhoun County.

The letter states, “Your action will do nothing but make our law enforcement officials more vulnerable during the performance of their duties at a time when violent crime and terrorism present a clear threat to public safety.”

Rogers added, “Less than a week after the horrific attacks on civilians in Paris, it seems more urgent than ever to ensure our law enforcement have the best equipment we can provide to counter any attack. It is just baffling to me that the president would weaken the possible security and safety of our local citizens.”


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