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U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers Named Chairman of Strategic Forces Subcommittee

The Chairman of the Congressional panel that has jurisdiction over the Department of Defense today named Alabama Congressman Mike Rogers as the next Chairman of the panel’s Strategic Forces subcommittee.
As Chairman, Rogers will oversee our nation’s strategic weapons, ballistic missile defense, space programs, and most of the Department of Energy national security programs. Alabama is home to much of the research and development that many of these programs rely upon, pumping millions into Alabama’s economy every year.
Rogers’ East Alabama Congressional district is home to several key defense installations, such as the Anniston Army Depot, all of which will now have an even stronger voice to help advocate for their interests.
“I am deeply honored that Chairman McKeon chose me to lead this important Subcommittee,” Rogers said. “The Third District is home to critical military installations like the Anniston Army Depot and Fort Benning, and Maxwell Air Force Base is right in the Montgomery area. This is an incredibly important role, and I hope to use this chairmanship to further ensure these vital facilities are strengthened and protected in the years to come, while advocating for common sense defense policies that provide for our warfighters and help protect our nation,” Rogers said. 
“I asked Congressman Rogers to serve as the Chairman of the Strategic Forces Subcommittee because he is a proven leader, a subject matter expert, and one of the hardest working Members I know,” said House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon (R-CA). “He will serve our nation and his district well in this leadership role.”
Considered one of the most important assignments on the House Armed Services Committee, Rogers will be at the forefront of policymaking as our nation seeks to upgrade our strategic arsenal and face down growing threats from countries like China, North Korea and Iran, all within a tighter fiscal environment. Rogers said he will maintain his seat on the Readiness Subcommittee, which also impacts installations like the Anniston Army Depot that ensure our military’s preparedness. He is a senior member of the Homeland Security Committee.
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