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ICYMI: Rogers Secures Wins for Alabama in NDAA

House-approved defense bill includes wins for Alabama

By Dylan Smith  

December 8, 2022



The U.S. House of Representatives voted 350-80 Thursday to approve the fiscal year 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

The must-pass legislation, which outlines how tax dollars will be allocated to the Pentagon, holds a price tag of $847 billion.


As the lead Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Saks) played a critical role in securing provisions within the NDAA that benefit Alabama’s defense industrial base.



“The U.S. Constitution tasked Congress with our nation’s most important responsibility – to provide for our national defense – the National Defense Authorization Act is a vital part of this responsibility,” he said. “This year’s NDAA makes critical investments in our military to maintain overmatch with China – from boosting deterrence to securing our supply chain this legislation demonstrates strength in the face of China’s threats.


“I am also proud that this year’s NDAA supports our servicemembers by repealing the COVID-19 vaccine mandate as well as providing a boost in servicemember pay and allowances to counteract the effects of Biden’s inflation.”


The congressman detailed how the House-approved NDAA would serve to enhance the Yellowhammer State’s standing as a vital player in national security.

“This year’s NDAA also continues to bolster the crucial role that Alabama plays in our national defense by reversing President Biden’s dangerous cuts to our missile defense, supporting the work done at the Anniston Army Depot and expanding and modernizing our shipbuilding, among other initiatives,” said Rogers. “I’m proud of the many provisions in this legislation that will fortify our national security and keep our nation safe.”


Rogers is poised to become the House Armed Services Committee chairman when the Republican-controlled chamber is seated Jan. 3.


FY2023 NDAA provisions relevant to Alabama, as provided by Rogers:

  • Community Funded Project for Anniston Army Depot DLA Warehouse
  • Community Funded Project for Auburn University Battery Research Program
  • Increase in authorized funds for Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) procurement
  • Increased in authorized funds for Stryker Upgrades
  • Includes historic levels of investment to accelerate depot and shipyard maintenance projects and expedite facility improvements across all services
  • Reverses President Joe Biden’s cuts to the procurement of new aircraft, combat vehicles, autonomous systems, missiles and ammunition
  • Authorizes $15.5 billion for military construction and military family housing projects throughout the United States and around the world
  • Includes $1.03 billion to support expansion and modernization of the shipyard industrial base
  • Improves the test and evaluation enterprise to expedite the fielding of advanced capabilities
  • Establishes a National Hypersonic Initiative, to accelerate the development of hypersonic missiles and catch-up to Chinese and Russian programs
  • Reverses the president’s cuts to missile defense
  • Extension of a Department of Defense Education Activity pilot program at Maxwell Air Force Base
  • Vehicle Inspection Station Community Funded Project for Maxwell Air Force Base
  • Community Funded Project for Montgomery Regional Airport Base F-35 Load Crew Training Facility


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