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COLUMN: Rogers: Biden's Socialist Policies are Hurting Americans

By Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL)

Word Count: 376


The harm to our economy caused by Joe Biden’s Socialist wish list is growing worse every day.  Self-inflicted crises have dominated the first 15 months of the Biden administration. From inflation skyrocketing to a 40-year high, to violent crime running rampant through major cities, to soaring gas prices, to a wide-open lawless border letting millions of illegal immigrants and deadly fentanyl onto our streets, to endless federal mandates threatening our individual liberties, the Biden administration is a disaster.


When President Trump was in office, he made America energy independent. He unleashed America’s can-do attitude to build the Keystone XL pipeline. He also opened our vast abundance of natural gas and oil and allowed responsible drilling on federal lands. At the end of President Trump’s term, gas was a little over $2.00 a gallon.


Biden’s policies just don’t make sense. One of his first acts as president was to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline and to stop drilling on federal lands. He then removed all of President Trump’s sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream II pipeline. I have repeatedly pushed President Biden to ban Russian energy imports and support American energy production. Yet, according to reports, after banning Russian oil imports President Biden is now looking at buying oil from anti-American regimes in Venezuela and Iran. It seems like Joe Biden would rather beg Venezuela and Iran  for oil than simply buy American.


Under Biden, the national average for gas has soared to over $4.00 a gallon with estimates for it to be even higher by Memorial Day. Think about it, if you usually spent a hundred dollars a month of your family’s budget on gas, now you are spending over $200. That’s a big hit for folks.


Every Alabamian is feeling the pain when they go to the gas station. High energy prices caused by Biden’s reckless policies are a tax on every hard-working family in Alabama. The more we must spend on gas the less we can spend other necessities. 


The radical left that really runs the Biden administration are determined to push their Socialist agenda on every American family, and America is currently suffering because of it.


We will not let that happen. As President Trump famously said, “America will never be a Socialist country.”


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