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Rogers on Pelosi Putting Politics Ahead of American Families

Washington, March 23, 2020

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Congressman Mike Rogers made the following statement today after negotiations to help American families during the COVID-19 pandemic failed because of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her liberal cohorts. 

"Speaker Pelosi is more obsessed with putting her extreme liberal political wish list together than helping American families across our country who are struggling during this world crisis.  She is making socialist demands that have nothing to do with stopping this deadly virus and stemming economic harm to families. All Americans should be extremely disappointed in Speaker Pelosi and her liberal allies for putting petty politics ahead of doing the job they were elected to do.

"I hope we can quickly come up with a package to send families and small businesses some relief as soon as possible," Rogers added.

Rogers serves as Ranking Member of the Committee on Homeland Security and a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee.



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