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Alabama State Outline

Voting Record

Recent Votes

Date Roll Call Bill My Vote
12/21 500 S.3628 Yea
12/21 499 H.CON.RES.148 Yea
12/21 497 H.R.7388 Yea
12/21 496 S.3456 Yea
12/21 495 H.R.6287 Yea
12/21 494 S.1934 Yea
12/21 493 S.512 Yea
12/21 492 S.3247 Yea
12/21 491 S.1862 Yea

Learn how Congressman Rogers voted on recent issues in the House. You can also view bills Mike has Sponsored and Co-sponsored.

How To Read the Roll Call Information
Simply follow the easy steps listed below to look up a vote cast by Congressman Rogers or any other member. Note: You may want to read all of the steps before clicking on the appropriate links.
Step 1
Please visit the Legislation & Votes page at the Office of the Clerk's website. To the right side of the page is a section called "Roll Call Votes." Click on the link of the current session of Congress to view roll call votes for that session. You also have the option of viewing roll call votes from past sessions of Congress.
Step 2
The far left column labeled "Roll" will give you the number of the roll call vote. Moving to the column on the right, you see the date the vote was cast. The "Question" tells you if the vote was on final passage, on an amendment, or as otherwise noted. The "Result" is the outcome: P=passed, F=failed, and A=the amendment was agreed to. The column that is cut off from view on the right tells you the title/description of the measure. All votes are posted in reverse chronological order (most recent at the top).
Step 3
Click on the appropriate "Roll" number on the same row as the title/description that you are interested in. If it is an older vote that you are interested in (must be in the same year), move to the bottom of the screen and you will encounter a similar image as seen on the left. Simply click on a previous set of roll call votes.
Step 4
After clicking on the appropriate roll, you will be taken to this page. Scroll down to see how Congressman Rogers voted on this measure.
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