Rogers on Trump’s Address before Joint Session of Congress

Feb 28, 2017

                (Washington, DC)—Congressman Mike Rogers made the following statement today after President Trump made his first address to a Joint Session of Congress.

                “I was thrilled to hear President Trump lay out his optimistic vision for America’s future. We now have a president that is determined to work on the behalf of the American people first,” Rogers said.

“President Trump’s dedication to enforcing our country’s immigration laws is critical to our safety and economy. For far too long, the executive branch has turned a blind eye to folks who are here in the country illegally and therefore, breaking the law. With Attorney General Sessions, the laws on the books will be enforced and the safety of our communities will be the highest priority,” Rogers said.

                Rogers added, “I am extremely grateful for President Trump’s pledge to increase investment in our national defense. To fully rebuild our military from the neglect of the Obama administration will require an extraordinary commitment. We must invest the amount of funding necessary to make our military the greatest force on Earth.  This massive investment is a national priority and must be viewed as a unique effort outside of the annual grind of the appropriations process.  Providing for our national defense is a constitutional requirement. Unfortunately, initial reports of the 2018 defense budget numbers from the Office of Management and Budget will not ensure military readiness.  But as a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I look forward to working closely with Secretary Mattis to increase the budget commitment to our national defense, and help achieve President Trump’s goal of making our military great again.”


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