Academy Nominations

Thank you for your interest in a nomination to a service academy. Making nominations to the Service Academies is one of the most privileged responsibilities of a Member of Congress. It is reccommended that you begin the process during the spring of your junior year in high school, and I urge you to also begin contact with the academies at that time. Young people who are genuinely interested in pursuing a career in the military service and who are looking to build a career foundation at one of our esteemed service academies are welcomed to request a nomination through my Congressional Office.

All nomination applications must be received in my Anniston or Opelika offices by December 15, 2018.

Click here to download the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader software necessary to view the application form.

United States Service Academy Websites
U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY
Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD
Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO
Merchant Marines Academy, Kings Point, NY