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Rogers Introduces Bill to Allow all Individuals, Employers to Apply for Waivers from ObamaCare

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Washington, Jul 17, 2013 | Kelsey Knight (202-226-8508) | comments

U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers (MI-08), has reintroduced The Health Care Waiver Fairness Act, H.R. 2700, a bill that would expand the waiver process in the new health care law to all Americans and employers.

Over the past three years, President Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has handed out more than 1,000 waivers to the health law to prevent nearly 3 million workers from losing their coverage - the majority of which have been given to corporations and unions. Individuals and small businesses have been excluded from the process.

"If the Service Employees International Union gets a waiver, and McDonald's gets a waiver . . . shouldn't the average person who's impacted by this get a waiver too?" Rogers said. "You shouldn’t need political connections in Washington, D.C. to keep your coverage or lower your health care costs. This legislation is the tool Americans need to survive this ‘Train wreck’."

"As both the number of delays and waivers handed out by the Obama Administration continue to mount, it's clear ObamaCare isn't ready for prime-time. The premise of this legislation is simple. If corporations and unions can get a waiver from the burdensome mandates enacted in the President's healthcare law, then every American should have the same option.  If given the opportunity, most Americans would prefer to keep the coverage they have. A waiver process will allow families to keep their plans and small businesses to continue offering benefits." – Rep. Bill Huizenga (MI-02), co-sponsor of H.R.2700.

"While ultimately I hope we can start over with common sense health reform, in the meantime Congress should stop the most problematic parts of Obamacare from hurting families and businesses,"said, Rep. McKinley (WV-01), co-sponsor of H.R. 2700.  

"If corporations and unions can get a waiver from the burdensome mandates included in the health law, every American should get one. We remain committed and focused to putting everyday taxpayers priorities first and growing a healthy economy." – Rep. Tim Walberg (MI-07), co-sponsor of H.R.2700.

"The administration recently admitted that Obamacare's mandate on businesses was too onerous and needed to be delayed. The entire law has been nothing but a series of broken promises leaving Americans with limited coverage options and higher premiums. Every American should be granted the opportunity to opt out -- I commend Rep. Mike Rogers' effort to provide that." –Rep. Fred Upton (MI- 06) Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.


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